Let Work Flow

This short promo was created for Gnarbox, a Los Angeles-based tech company, who needed a video to promote their new device, the “Gnarbox 2.0”. Among distribution channels, Gnarbox used the video to lead their Kickstarter campaign, which was successfully funded and received over 1000% of target contributions.

STORYCRAFT provided end-to-end service including story development, screenwriting, casting, creative direction, editing, and motion graphics & VFX. The project was produced in association with WONDERCAMP.


Story Development

Gnarbox wanted to communicate all of the features and improvements for their new device, but wanted the video to still be engaging. STORYCRAFT developed a visual storyline and set of characters to accomplish this, creating a high-energy yet producible concept.


High Efficiency

Gnarbox needed to bring the video to life in a very short period of time in order to be ready for their ‘go live’ date. We met the deadline by collaborating closely with their team while also using rigorous organization and scheduling.


Real World Results

Gnarbox used this video to lead their Kickstarter campaign and raised over 1200% of their goal, engaging over 1,900 backers. The video was a critical component of their creative collateral for the campaign and was well received by viewers.

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