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Would you be able to seize your dream even if everything stood in your way? Ishmael Herring, the subject of Ishues, is ready to put everything on the line to find out.

A 20-year-old kid from Kansas City, Ish gets on a bus bound for Los Angeles ready to become a singing sensation.

It doesn’t go well.

While Ish believes in his exceptional vocal talent, daily life is hard for this literally starving artist with a traumatic past. He ends up living on the streets of Hollywood for seven years, and it isn’t until he happens to meet music producer PM Romero that his luck starts to change.

Romero takes Ish under his wing to create music together and the two form a band: William Pilgrim. The pair go on to write and record over 40 songs, performing and broadcasting their music across the country.

Will Ish seize this new life and escape the vicious grasp of homelessness or will the pressures of his past pull him back down?


The documentary was filmed over six years of Ish’s journey from the streets of Los Angeles to the airwaves of America and many places in between.

STORYCRAFT provided extensive services to the production including story development and structure, creative direction, on-location filming, editing, motion graphics, color correction and much more.

Building a story from over 600 hours of source material is no simple task, and the completed film is expected to premiere in 2018.

The Advocacy Project

A series of short webisodes, The ISHUES Project, sprung from the film’s collaborators as a means to promote those who wish to improve our world with their activism and heart. The ISHUES Project profiles both individuals and organizations that strive to make positive change in our neighborhoods.

Music of the Movie

Check out this video featuring the music of Ishues.

Blackbird Music Video

Check out this music video of William Pilgrim (Ish & Romero) performing “Blackbird”:

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