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Outdoor Adventures

“Although we might be measured alone, you never get there alone.”

“Adventure keeps us engaged and in the pursuit of learning and improving.”

You're as Strong as Your Team

These short sponsored documentaries were created for REI in association with WONDERCAMP and tells the story of individuals doing amazing things in the outdoors. STORYCRAFT provided story direction and full-post production services.

The first short, Flock to the Finish, tells the story of Devon’s attempt to complete a 100-mile ultra-marathon. Devon rallies a new crew and a new team to help conquer this ultimate challenge. With Sally and the team at Oiselle at her back, she’s reminded to always keep her head up and her wings out.

The second short, Stick with It, tells the story of Cam as he tackles what it means to lead NEMO Equipment and the value of putting your all into your passions.